Skillswap | Brighton

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Skillswap seeking stories Skillswap seeking stories on
06 April 2011 from 7pm at Lighthouse

Supported by Madgex

Talk 1:

The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Telling a complex story online
Phil Gyford

Exploring the ten year project to publish, collaboratively annotate and explain the 17th century diary on the web, and bring a historical character to life on Twitter.

Talk 2:

Spacelog & story patterns: how to design experiences like you would a good book
Gavin O’Carroll

We talk a lot about narrative and story, but what exactly is a story? What makes it move you? Starting with, a brief look at some simple story patterns to make digital experiences that can inspire the soul.

Talk 3:

The data will improve rockets
Matthew Sheret

Narratives shape our journeys through data, and those stories don't have to be complicated to have a huge impact. All you have to do is think about your audience – your companions – and where you want to take them.

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